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David Curfiss is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He served onboard the USS Kinkaid as a Gunners Mate before transferring to the Naval Special Warfare community as an armorer where he had the privilege to work with the elite Navy Seals and SWCC Operators. After eight years of honorable service, David transitioned to civilian life.

Before his naval service, David had a passion for apocalyptic themed stories and adventures. He spent his youth living in fictional worlds, battling zombies, vampire nuns, hostile aliens from far-away planets, and other creatures of death. It was while he was in seventh grade that he wrote his first apocalyptic story. Little did he know then, it was the spark that has led to his novel-writing path today.

David self-published his first story, Michael’s Home through Amazon as an eBook. His debut novel, A Thousand Miles to Nowhere, has made a big splash in the sci-fi genre after it’s release in November 2019.

Fundraising 2020

At the end of November 2020, David donated all of his book proceeds to buy books for a classroom of first graders. These books were the first new books this classroom had received in a several years that the teacher didn’t have to pay for out of pocket. Below are a several pictures of that class with their new books.

This will not be his last books for children fundraising event.

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