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Author – Apocalyptic Fiction
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Finalist in the Readers Favorite 2020 International Book Awards

When a stranger shows up and infects almost everyone Matt Tanner knows with a virus that destroyed the world fifteen years prior, he’s forced to make a decision: flee with only a handful of survivors, or stay in the mountains and rebuild. But when Matt discovers the stranger was carrying a letter addressed to him from someone he thought he’d never hear from again, he’s forced to reconcile demons from the past with the chance for a future with the brother he left behind.

Avoiding the withered that roam the wastelands and the flesh-eating humans that stalk the night, Matt struggles to find the balance necessary to keep everyone alive and his own mind sane.

But when things go wrong and he watches friend after friend die, can he survive, or will the wastelands consume him, too?


David Curfiss is a multi-talented author, producer, and host, renowned for his captivating post-apocalyptic horror novels and his exceptional work in mental health advocacy through his podcast. With a passion for heavy metal music, David Curfiss combines his artistic endeavors with his dedication to supporting mental well-being in a unique blend of creativity, awareness, and entertainment.

As a distinguished veteran of the U.S. Navy, David Curfiss draws upon his experiences to craft gripping narratives that transport readers to the terrifying realms of post-apocalyptic worlds. His writing showcases an unparalleled ability to evoke emotions, engage readers, and keep them on the edge of their seats. With a keen eye for detail and a deft hand at storytelling, Curfiss has earned praise from both critics and fans alike.

In addition to his literary prowess, David Curfiss is the dynamic force behind an acclaimed podcast that focuses on music and mental health. Through this platform, he masterfully intertwines his love for heavy metal music while advocating for mental well-being. Curfiss’s captivating interviews with musicians, discussions surrounding mental health, and thought-provoking insights have garnered a devoted following, making him a respected voice in the industry.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering mental health advocacy, David Curfiss uses his platform to raise awareness and provide support to those in need. His passion for the cause is evident in his engaging and informative discussions, illuminating the importance of mental wellness and the power of music in healing.

With a strong online presence and a growing community of enthusiastic followers, David Curfiss continues to make his mark in the industry. Through his gripping novels, thought-provoking podcast, and advocacy work, he has established himself as an influential figure in the realms of horror literature and mental health advocacy.

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“A Thousand Miles to Nowhere is an intensely riveting apocalyptic thriller… A powerful story complete under one cover and elevates the zombie apocalypse story to another level entirely.”
– Donovan’s Literary Services

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